Zevvy makes it easy to stay charged

No need for range anxiety

There are many options when it comes to charging, from installing a private station at your residence to taking advantage of a growing public charging network. Whether it’s your daily commute or a road trip, there’s a charging solution that gets you where you need to be. Here’s how charging time is impacted by the type of charger you use:

Level 1 / 110V


+5 mi

Slow charger

in 1 hour

Time to full charge

24+ hr

0 hr

24 hrs

Level 2 / 240V

Home & Public

+12-15 mi

Faster charger

in 1 hour

Time to full charge

8-12 hrs

0 hr

24 hr

Level 3 / DC Fast Charger


+150-200 mi

Fastest charger

in 1 hour

Time to full charge

1 hr

0 hr

24 hr

Find charging near you

California alone has more than 3,000 fast charging points, and more than 20,000 total public chargers. Finding a charger near home or on the road is easier than you think.

Have questions?

It depends on where and when you charge it. The general rule of thumb is that charging at home, if possible, is much less expensive than at public charging stations. For example: if you live somewhere with very low residential rates at night, it can cost less than $5 to full charge an EV battery. The most expensive way to charge a car is at peak business hours on a fast charger at a public charging station; then it can cost $20 or more (still close to or less than the equivalent amount of gasoline!).

Yes -- but in Europe! That said, Tesla has announced non-Tesla EVs will be allowed to use Superchargers in the US soon. You'll need an adapter to use it, but those will be available as well.

You can charge an EV at home, at work or at a public charging station. There are thousands of stations nationwide, but the state with the most developed charging network is California. Check out Zevvy's dedicated Charging page and additional resources like these blog posts to learn more about EV charging:

  • Charging at Home

  • Charging Away from Home

Not as crazy as your credit card bill does when you're buying a lot of gas! If you sign up with your utility provider's "time of use (TOU)" plan and only charge at night, the average driver should only see about an extra $40 on their bill monthly. Compare that to having to fill up at the pump at $6 per gallon, and you can quickly see the financial benefits of making the switch to electric.

What is Zevvy?

Zevvy is an electric car leasing platform offering electric vehicles in California. Our flexible, short-term leases are different from traditional leases and loans, EV subscriptions, and rental options. We offer a marketplace of EVs and an online application that quickly assesses your driving habits, budget, and more, to find you the right electric car. You will select your lease length (starting as low as six months) and monthly mileage package to customize the Zevvy lease to your own needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to get more EVs in the hands of drivers who need them most, and to save YOU time and money with an affordable electric vehicle lease.

How do I charge an electric car?

When it comes to charging an EV, people usually wonder where to charge, how to charge, and how much it’ll cost. You have options to charge your electric car both at your home and public charging stations (fun fact: California has the most public charging stations of any state). Zevvy can help you understand what your best options are, depending on your residence and driving habits. Check out our blog for more information