We’re on a mission to get way more people into EVs

So what’s Zevvy all about?

We're committed to making driving an EV easy and affordable for everyone. Our goal is simple: to get you behind the wheel of an electric vehicle that will save you time and money.
How do we do it? Through our innovative flexible lease platform that eliminates the barriers of traditional leases and loans, like mileage caps, three-year terms, and sky-high upfront payments.
We also offer dedicated support to ease your transition into driving electric, from customized charging plans to a personalized mobile app that helps you track and optimize your driving habits and savings.
We aim to always be clear and fair in how we conduct business, working to get you on the road and where you need to be, all fueled by electricity.

The team, the team, the team

The Zevvy team has decades of combined experience in automotive, climate tech, operations, and more. What unites us all is a deep drive (pun intended) to empower more people to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Want to join the team?

Interested in partnering?

We're looking for partners to grow and scale on all fronts. Whether you're a business with drivers who want EVs, a service provider, or something totally different, we want to talk!

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