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An electric car lease, designed just for you.

We offer a flexible, affordable EV lease, customizable to your lifestyle and needs.

Why choose an EV lease from Zevvy?

Browse our EVs. Apply online. Choose the terms that are best for you. We take care of the rest!
No mileage caps

You get to choose the monthly mileage you want, with per-mile fees as low as 12 cents a mile.

Flexible term lengths

We offer a true "try before you buy!" You choose the lease length, starting at just six months.

Option to purchase

At the end of your lease, you can return, renew, or buy. All mileage fees paid are applied to the buy-out price!

Choose from the latest and greatest EV options.

Goodbye gas and hello savings!

Our electric car leases come with big benefits for your wallet in the form of gas and maintenance savings. Mother Earth will thank you for making the switch, too!

Average yearly savings

Save up to:






Driving an electric car

Looking for a specific brand?

We offer the best electric cars from Tesla, Chevrolet, Hyundai and others!

Zevvy’s a little different than the other “car guys”...

Low up-front payment
Short-term option
Unlimited miles
Okay for professional use
EV-specific support team
Option to purchase

Traditional Lease

Traditional Loan

We'll help you find the right EV to maximize savings.

Our application includes questions about your current car, driving habits, and budget, so we can find the best electric car and lease terms for your specific needs.


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